Working Conditions

Our foreign teachers are assigned to 4 different classrooms each month, spending a week at each classroom location. We teach independently, without the assistance of other staff at the classroom, and we are responsible for the welfare of the students from the time they arrive at the classroom until the time they are picked-up by guardians.

General Work Conditions

Monthly Salary ¥240,000 (for teachers with full-time work permits)
Annual Bonus Up to ¥80,000 for 1st year teachers
Up to ¥130,000 for 2nd year teachers
Commuting Expenses Daily commuting expenses are fully reimbursed
Paid Vacations 10 paid vacation days for 1st year teachers (increases with length of service)
Medical Insurance Employees will be enrolled onto Company Insurance (shakai hoken) which includes health insurance and Japanese pension contributions.
Teaching Hours 3 to 4 lesson hours per day (average)
Schedule Lessons are typically scheduled in mid-afternoon and evenings
Class Size 6-10 students per class (average)
Student Ages Approximately 2.5 – 17 years old

New Teacher Training

All new teachers receive 2 full weeks of comprehensive training before moving to their assigned locations where they will spend the remainder of their contract term.During training, teachers learn about the Peppy Kids Club syllabus and working with children as well as receiving orientation about living in Japan. The training session is a combination of seminars, workshops and practical teaching (trainees take part in actual lessons), and our trainers are dedicated to ensuring that trainees are confident and ready to teach after the completion of training.

Foreign Staff Support

Living and working in a foreign country can be a daunting task.Our company is committed to supporting our teachers and helping them excel during their time at Peppy Kids Club.

  • Upon arrival to our Nagoya (Japan) office, new teachers are greeted by a company representative and shown to the training accommodations.
  • During training, new teachers receive the support and guidance necessary to become an effective Peppy Kids Club teacher.
  • After training, new teachers move to their areas and receive assistance with opening a bank account, getting a telephone, setting-up apartment utilities, and becoming familiar with local amenities.
  • We have foreign staff supervisors in each area who are responsible for supporting the teachers inside and outside the classroom.
  • Regular meetings and workshops are scheduled so that teachers can talk about their lessons, share teaching ideas, and discuss other matters related to working and living in Japan.
  • Head Office provides assistance and support to our teachers on a national level.

Company Housing

Teachers have the option of renting an apartment from the company.The company secures the apartments (we pay for any key money and apartment deposit) and the teacher is responsible for the monthly rent and utility costs. All company apartments are supplied with basic furnishings (including a refrigerator, washing machine, air conditioning unit, cooking utensils, dishes, cutlery, etc.) and the apartments are situated within walking distance from a train station. Apartments in Japan may be smaller than what non-Japanese are used to but most of our teachers find them adequate.

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