Nic Blake

Teaching at Peppy Kids Club offers each of us a tremendous opportunity to become so much more than just a teacher. I've come to realize that we possess a truly great power to shape & influence the lives of each and every child that enters our classroom. At Peppy Kids Club it is our responsibility to motivate & inspire our young students. This is not always easy, but with great generosity, patience, energy and joy, it is possible and then in turn our students become our teachers.

Barry Burton

Peppy Kids Club provides you with quality training, giving you ample opportunity to ask any questions you may have. The training is a might intensive, but it equips you with all the tools you'll need to get to work with the confidence that you know what you're doing. Two weeks of full-time training has you fully prepared by the time you start work at your own schools.

Glen Spenser

It has been such a fun and rewarding experience teaching at Peppy Kids Club. At first, I felt daunted about teaching children who spoke a completely different language, but the lessons designed by Peppy Kids Club are very user-friendly and allow me to incorporate my own creativity. There are loads of teaching materials to use in the classrooms, which really help make the lessons fun for the students (and I have a great time too!). Perhaps the most rewarding thing about teaching at Peppy Kids Club is knowing that the students' lives have been enriched by you.

Sarah Middleton

I have enjoyed working for Peppy Kids Club because it has been really fun and rewarding. The training is thorough and intensive but once you get to the classroom its great. The students are a lot of fun to be around and interact with.  As foreign teachers living in Japan, we all go through the same challenges of learning the culture and making the adjustments you would be experiencing from being far away from home. Outside of work, we are given the freedom and the time to experience Japan and travel the country while still earning a good income.

Lisa Stokes

I have always wanted to experience a different culture firsthand. Prior to coming to Japan I was very nervous about becoming a teacher, as I had very little experience. Peppy Kids Club provided extensive training and a lot of practical  experience. I have loved my experience working and teaching at Peppy Kids Club and the adventure of living and working in a country so vastly different to my own.