Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of person do you look for in a teacher?
We look for highly enthusiastic people who will enjoy working with children and teaching them English. We also want people who are able to work independently and meet the challenges of living in a foreign country. All of our foreign teachers must have complete control of the English language and therefore we focus on native English-speaking candidates.
What qualifications do I need to apply for a position?

The most basic requirement is eligibility to work in Japan. In order to qualify for a company sponsored Working Visa, applicants must have a university degree (or similar qualifications). While we prefer applicants who have experience working with children, formal teaching qualifications or previous experience is not required.

To learn more about work eligibility in Japan, please feel free to contact one of our representatives or visit the Japanese Immigration Bureau's website at

How long are the employment contracts?
The initial employment period is approximately one year. Teachers who demonstrate exemplary performance during this employment period receive the option of extending.
Are there opportunities for advancement within the company?
Yes. We have various levels of positions in the company specifically designed for foreign staff, and we look within the organization first to fill these positions. All of our trainers and supervisors began their employment as Peppy Kids Club teachers.
Do I need to be able to speak Japanese to become a teacher?
No. You do not need to speak Japanese to apply for a position. Most teachers take a keen interest in studying Japanese to use in their daily lives.
Can I choose the location area in Japan where I will be assigned to live and work?
While we accept location requests from applicants, we cannot guarantee that you will be assigned to the location that you have requested.Therefore, we ask candidates for their understanding and flexibility in this matter.
When is the best time to apply for a position?
We usually hold at least one training session every month, so you are welcome to apply anytime during the year.
How long will it take before I am hired? When can I begin working in Japan?
It takes over 2-months to process the Working Visa, so most teachers usually interview for the position a few months before their actual start date. Applicants who already have a visa could start as soon as the next training session begins.
Will I be able to support myself in Japan with my earnings?
We offer a competitive wage, and our teachers are able to live comfortably in Japan. Depending on their lifestyle, many teachers are able to save a reasonable amount of money during their time in Japan.
How much money do I need to have to start working in Japan?
We ask teacher to purchase a flight to Japan and bring at least ¥250,000 when they first come to Japan. You will need this much initial money to pay for food, commuting costs, and other expenses until you start to earn a steady income.